Reciprocating Pump Apparatus Model FM 90

Sci-tech Reciprocating Pump Apparatus Model FM 90 is used, when a high delivery head is required.

Item Description

The pump is fitted to a base plate ready for installation. The base plate is simply slid into trainer Basic Module Water Pumps and fixed in place. The unit is equipped with electronic sensors for recording intake and delivery pressure. The pump is connected to the experimental set-up using flexible hoses. To be able to interchange the pump easily and straightforwardly, the hoses are equipped with rapid action couplings. The motor necessary for drive is fitted to the GFM 23 Universal Drive and Brake Unit.


Investigation of the pump characteristic of a reciprocating pump

Technical Specifications


[1] Reciprocating pump for operation on the GFM 32 Basic Module Water Pumps

[2] Pump complete with connections and sensors fitted to base plate

[3] Max. capacity 1.5m³/h

[4] Max. head 60m WC

[5] max. motor speed 3000rpm

Technical Specifications

Maximum capacity: 1.5m³/h

Maximum head: 60m WC

max. motor speed: 3000rpm

Intake connection diameter 1”

Delivery connection diameter 1”