Radial Heat Conduction Apparatus Model TH 039

– Complete instrumentation for study of Radial Heat Transfer phenomenon.
– Direct reading of Temperature, Voltage, Current.
– Optional Computerized Data Acquisition System.

Item Description

Scitech Radial Conduction Heat Transfer apparatus Model TH 039 has been designed to demonstrate the application of the Fourier Rate equation to simple steady-state conduction radially through the wall of a tube. The arrangement, using a solid metal disk with temperature measurements at different radii and heat flow radially outwards from the centre to the periphery, enables the temperature distribution and flow of heat by radial conduction to be investigated.

Temperature sensors record the surface temperature at different radii of the specimen disk. Instruments are provided to measure the Temperatures, Power Input to heater & Cooling Water Flow rate.
Detailed Operation & Maintenance Manual is provided along with the trainer.

Technical Specifications

– Power Supply with power regulator
– Test Specimen: Metal Disk heated at the centre with thermocouples on its surface
– Thermocouple sensors
– Temperature Indicator
– Variable Area water flow meter
– Digital Voltmeter