PWM DC Motor Control Trainer Model ETR 033

– Drive unit capable of controlling DC Brushed or Brushless motors.
– Capability of closed-loop operation with feedback from a tacho-generator, Optical encoder or the Armature Voltage
– Operation in the PWM technique. The power bridge consists of in rugged power MOSFET transistors.

Item Description

– Capabilities of 4 – quadrant DC Motor control
– Full isolation from the AC mains in both the control and power sections

Technical Specifications

– Power supply is from AC mains 3 – Phase 380 – 415 V . The power rating is 1.2KW The nominal output voltage is from -200 to +200V DC
– Suitable for motors of both the permanent magnet type and separate Inductor type. The trainer includes on-boards power supply for a field inductor, with field current monitor. The nominal field supply is 220V DC.
– On-board reference generator
– On-board switch-selectable mode operation. (GO/STOP; RUN/HOLD; FWD/REV; etc)
– Adjustable current limitation, acceleration/deceleration ramp generator.