Pump Packing/Mechanical Sealing Demonstrator Model MT 006

Sci-tech Pump Packing/Mechanical Sealing Demonstrator Model MT 006 is unique, multi-use device allows for demonstration and training related to industrial pump sealing systems.

Item Description

– Formed, 7-gauge, steel baseplate with provision for bench-top mounting.
– Clear acrylic “backhead” and stuffing box, allowing for complete visibility of the seal area, and allowing for installation of many commercially available mechanical seals.
– PVC, simulated impeller housing with water inlet, vent and drain.
– Aluminum shaft assembly, incorporating a stainless steel, 1-3/4″ shaft sleeve.
– Aluminum spacer assembly, connecting impeller housing and power-end.
– Aluminum, simulated power-end, incorporating sleeve bearing and radial ball bearing for pump shaft support.
– Provision for attaching leak-off tubing or coolant recirculation tubing in the seal area.
– Quick-disconnect tube fittings at all fill, vent and drain locations.
– Aluminum lantern ring.
– Aluminum packing gland.
– Acrylic replacement packing gland for mechanical seal applications.
– Handwheel, allowing for shaft rotation.
– Provision for mounting on the Sci-tech Electro-Mechanical Bench.
– Overall size of 225W x 500L x 250H in mm, Weight @ 25Kgs

Technical Specifications

– The trainer is an industry based heavy duty device that allows for training in :
a. installation of broad range of mechanical seals used in pumps.
b. hydraulic pressure testing of seals and packing for leaks
– Impeller housing with water inlet, vent and drain.
– The following components are made of aluminium or any other-suitable durable material and shall replicate the size and shape of a standard available centrifugal pump:
a. Shaft assembly with a stainless steel shaft sleeve
b. Spacer assembly
c. Simulated power end
d. Lantern ring
e. Packing gland
– The shaft of the trainer can be rotated manually.
– The sealing area must be made of transparent durable material to allow visibility of the operation of the sealing system
– The trainer has the following features:
a. The seal area has tubing attachments for leak off and coolant recirculation. b. Tube fittings at all fill. vent and drain locations can be safely and quickly disconnected.
– Approx. dimensions: 225W x 500L x 250H in mm
– The trainer is coated with high durability coating