Power Electronics Trainer Model ETR 038M

– Aesthetically designed injection molded electronic desk.
– Master unit carrying useful experiment resources like line Synchronized firing circuits, Power supplies, lamp load, RLC loads, Battery Charging supply etc. while the central slot will hold replaceable experiment panels.
– Each multi experiment panel is secured in an ABS molded plastic sturdy enclosure, and has colorful screw less overlay showing circuit & Connection through Sturdy 4mm Banana Sockets & Patch Chords.
– Set of User Guide provided with each unit.
– Built-in Measuring instrumentation.
– Modular design: Standard and small in size light weight which make the installation / uninstallation easily.

Item Description

– Open Structure. The flexibility of modular form factor enables user to add addition module from different experiments provided.
– Comprehensive Learning Platform, combination of theory and practical knowledge which make student to increase the understanding of the system thoroughly
– Comprehensive Courseware.
– Safety – built in circuit breaker to ensure total safety during hands on working.
– Reliability, Prevention on mis-operation with over current, over voltage and short circuit protection to avoid component damage and safety.
– Automatic recovery function.
– Available with or without ‘Data Acquisition Software’ interface.

Technical Specifications

Modular Rack Mount Design:
– Three rows of compartments designed to house training modules – Two of these rows have full-height compartments while the other row has half-height compartments – Each row of full-height compartments can accommodate up to three full-size EMS modules or six half-size EMS modules whereas the row of half-height compartments can accommodate up to three half-size training modules – Separators between each bay of the workstation ensure perfect alignment of the modules
– A front-mounted release lever for each module row
– A safety locking device for each compartment – Two safety padlocked bars on the front of the workstation prevent students from removing modules during laboratory exercises – Holes in the rear panel of the workstation with removable cover plates for cable connection

Power Supply Fixed single-phase and three-phase AC power, as well as fixed DC power, at the power levels required to operate the equipment used in that training program:-
– Input: Line Voltage: 240/415 V
– Outputs: Fixed AC 3-Phase: 120/308 V – 5 A and Fixed DC: 120 V – 5 A

Power Thyristors
– Six (6) power thyristors (SCRs) each protected against overcurrents and short-circuits
– All anodes and cathodes terminated on the faceplate by color-coded, 4 mm safety banana jacks – Two (2) toggle switches on the faceplate which can be used to reduce the number of external connections – Peak Inverse Voltage: 600 V or equivalent
– Maximum Current: 1 A for 240/415 V) or equivalent
– Gate Control Signals: 0-5 V pulses (TTL compatible)

IGBT Chopper/Inverter

IGBT Chopper/Inverter

Capacitive load

Three-Phase Transformer Bank

Filtering Inductors and Capacitors

Three-Phase Filter

Permanent Magnet DC Motor

Timing Belt