– Aesthetically designed injection molded electronic desk/Profile Rack, depending on the requirements.
– Master unit carrying useful experiment resources like line Synchronized firing circuits, Power supplies, lamp load, RLC loads, Battery Charging supply etc. while the central slot will hold replaceable experiment panels.
– Each multi experiment panel is secured in an ABS molded plastic sturdy enclosure, and has colorful screw less overlay showing circuit & Connection through Sturdy 4mm Banana Sockets & Patch Chords.
– Order 6 Master units & set of 6 panels (PE 1 x 2 + PE 2, PE 3, PE 6X2nos) +Power scope.
– Each of following independent Applied PE trainer may need a few set of associated panels (4 nos. typically) which are mounted in a light weight sturdy aluminum flat demo panel system.

Item Description

– Facilitates easy and safe wiring by students due to 4mm sturdy shrouded banana patch cords and shrouded socket arrangement for high voltage circuits.
– Each panel has ABS molded plastic sturdy enclosure, and colorful screw-less overlays showing circuit diagram & its connection tag numbers for easy understanding and connections.
– Computer interface panel & ‘Machines Edumac-soft or Labview’ software optionally provided to suit specific requirements of the set up.
– Set of User Guide provided with each unit.

Technical Specifications

Built in power supply
– DC supply: +/- 12V, 500mA,
– Unregulated Power supply 17V / 750mA,
– Regulated 7to14V/3A variable O/P is provided as 12V Battery charging supply. In absence of battery, same may be used as simulated battery source to run experiments on inverters etc
– Isolated DC supply +12V/ 300mA with isolated common.
– On board Inverter transformer of Primary: 0-110V-230V & Secondary 11-0-11-12/3A
– On board opto Isolated Drive circuit .
AC supply: 230V AC line voltage is made available on two banana 4mm sockets as well as 1.5A fuse extender for variac if used.

* On board Analog voltmeters
(In place of Aux. DC Supply)
AC voltmeter (0-300V) —– 1No
DC Voltmeter (0-300V) ——-1No
* LSPT Panel consisting of
* Two pulse transformers of 1:1:1 are provided for isolation & supplying firing pulses along with required DC Power supply to experiment panel under test through 15 pin female ‘D’ connector.
* Selector switch of 2 pole 6 way for selecting different types of firing pulses like out of phase inverter firing using LM3525 with dead time, freq and pulse width cannot in freq .variation from 170 Hz to 250Hz, 12.5/25 6.25 Hz Frequence gate with High Frequency (3KHz) for Cycloconverter, line Synchoronised UJT firing for converter etc.

R-L-C Load Panel
– Load resistor of 10 / 40W and 100 / 10W — 1no. each.
– Centre tapped 3A choke 4mH/ 16mH each —-2nos.
– DC Choke 0-100-200MH / 750MA —– 1 no.
– Commutation capacitors of 10F/100V ——-4nos.

– AC Paper capacitor of 4F/440V —1no.
– DC Cap 220uf/63V —– 1 no.
– Diode BYT71 (5407) —— 1 no.
– Accessories :
* 15 pin D connector cable assembly,
* 4mm bannana patchcords : 100mm X 10 Nos & 500mm X 20 Nos.
* Optional powerscope accessory for any Lab CRO for off ground differential measurements upto 1000Vdc to
facilitate checking inverter / converter waveform.
* Optional Isolation transformer (70VA, I/P – 230V, O/P – 230Vac) for CRO isolation
– Mechanical Dimensions :
a) Master Unit: 460mm(W), 160mm (H), 350mm(D); Net weight: 10 Kg. Gross weight: 12Kg.
b) Panel : 215mm (W), 165mm (H), 40mm (D); Net weight : 700gm approx.
– Operating Voltage : 230V +/- 10%, 50Hz, 75VA