Position Transducer With Synchro-resolver & Signal Conditioner Model PCT 110

The use of digital controllers in the regulation of industrial processes implies the need to use transducers providing digital output data. Among these transducers, or sensors, much used is the synchro-resolver, providing two sine analog and isofrequential outputs shifted between them of 90° with amplitude as function of position.
Sci-tech POSITION TRANSDUCER WITH SYNCHRO-RESOLVER AND SIGNAL CONDITIONER Model PCT 110. The experiment board mod. G23/EV has been designed to offer the student the possibility to carry out a solid and deep experimentation on the problems concerning position transducer with synchro-resolver.

Item Description

The components and the circuits of the board model PCT 110 are the same used in the industry. In this way the student will be acquainted with the articulated problems of top level design. The external unit mod. TY26/EV, included with the board model PCT 110, to which is connected via an 8-pole DIN cable, includes: • A Mechanism for setting the angular or linear position • A Synchro-resolver transducer The unit is used for the generation of the physical quantity (position) which is transduced and converted by the synchro-resolver. The transduced signal, coming from the synchro- resolver, is conditioned by the circuits of model PCT 110 and next displayed on a 4-digit display. On the board model PCT 110, it is possible to carry out measurements and connections via the terminals accessible on the front panel on that the silk screen mimic diagram of the circuit and functional blocks is included. The training program is completed by the use of software to control and supervision of the process wit the PC.

Technical Specifications

* Front panel in insulating material, with silk screen printed diagram of the different circuit blocks of the module and electrical diagram of each circuit;
* Terminals for the connections and measurements;
* The generation of the physical variable (position) consisting of:
– Metal support;
– Synchro-resolver;
– Angular (from 0 to 360°) and linear (from 0 to 410 mm) position indicators,
– Knob for position set-up,
– Transformer mechanism of the motion from linear to angular type “belt transmission”,
* Synchro-resolver characteristics:
– Frequency = 10 kHz
– Transformation ratio = 0.480
– Shift = 1°
– Accuracy = ±10 minutes
– Weight = 115 g
* 2-bit integrated signal conditioner
* Inner clock generator
* Characteristics of transduction:
– Input range: 0 ÷ 409.66 mm
– Decimal reading: 0 ÷ 4096 unit