Position Transducer With Signal Conditioner Model PCT 107

The wide use of digital control systems produced a great development in numerical transducers. In particular, nowadays, numerical position transducers are available providing a numerical representation of angular rotations and linear motions. Both types, Incremental and absolute, are studied with the Sci-tech Position Transducer with Signal conditioner Model PCT 107

Item Description

Experimental Capabilities
• Characteristics of position transducers;
• Numerical position transducers;
• Photoelectrical transducers;
• Coding of numerical position transducers;
• Absolute Encoders;
• Incremental Encoders;
• Control and display circuits;
• Signal conditioner: detailed analysis of the circuits;
• Position and speed detections;
• Use of the conditioner as frequency-meter;
• Checking the measurement accuracy;
• Resolution;
• Analysis and use of the supervision software with Personal Computer and dedicated card.

Technical Specifications

• Front panel in insulating material, with silk screen printed diagram of the different circuit blocks of the module and electrical diagram of each circuit;
• Terminals for the connections and measurements;
• Integrated circuits for treating the signal;
• 14-digit display for the position reading;
• Encoder transducer: 250 pulses, 2 channels + zero channel
• Unit model PCT 107 for the generation of the angular position consisting of:
– Metal support
– Goniometric indicator for the angular position
– Rotary handle for the angular position variation
– Transducer
• 8-pole connection cable of the module to the external unit DIN 270.

• Computer interface software & program optional