Portal Frame Unit Model MT 052

Sci-tech Portal Frame Unit Model MT 052 has been designed to determine the deflection at the load point for a rectangular portal frame subjected to horizontal and vertical loads.

Item Description

The system is formed by a frame attached to a rigid base and loads can be applied by mass hangers and a range of masses or weights. The horizontal and vertical deflections of the frame can be measured by means of dial gauges.

Technical Specifications

– Anodized aluminium and steel structure.
– Steel portal frame.
– Dial gauge:
range: 0-10 mm. (0 – 0.4 inches).
accuracy: 0.01 mm. (0.0004 inches)
– Cord with a hook.
– Hanger.
– In order to carry out some of the practices with Sci-tech Portal Frame Unit Model MT 052, 1 set of weights “B type ” are required. (See section “required accessories”).
– Manuals: This unit is supplied with the following manuals: Required services, Assembly and Installation, Starting-up, Security, Maintenance and Practices Manual.

Required Accessories
– Set of weights:
6 weights of 200 gr.
6 weights of 100 gr.
2 weights of 50 gr. .
2 weights of 20 gr. .
2 weights of 10 gr. .
1 support hook of 100 gr