Plate Heat Exchanger Trainer Model TH 002

– Compact, comprehensive, sturdy design
– Smooth and silent operation
– Total instrumentation for complete heat balance
– One or many of Shell and tube, concentric pipe and plate type heat exchangers can be studied.

Item Description

Sci-tech PLATE HEAT EXCHANGER TRAINER Model TH 002 is an invaluable aid in the effective understanding of heat exchangers. The hot water unit comprises of a tank fitted with electrical immersion heaters. It has a facility to circulate hot and cold water through flow meters. Shell and tube heat exchanger and/or a concentric pipe heat exchanger and/or plate type heat exchanger is provided to conduct the experiment. Other type of heat exchangers can be provided, on request. The system facilitates to study the parallel and counter flow as well.

The shell and tube heat exchanger consists of parallel tubes fitted in a shell containing baffles along its length. The whole unit is insulated. The baffles ensure turbulent water conditions thus provide good heat transfer.
Flow rates and temperatures can be varied independently and the heat transfer coefficients derived.

Technical Specifications

1. Plate Heat exchanger
2. Water Heater
3. Pump
4. Tank
5. Temperature indicator
6. Flow measuring unit
7. Control panel