Plate & Frame Filter Press Model TH-048

– Designed to demonstrate operation of Press & Frame Filter Press.
– The unit is suitable for laboratory application, it is robust and versatile.

Item Description

Scitech Plate & Frame Filter Press Model TH-048 consists of the filter, feed pump & pipe work mounted on a floor standing stainless steel frame along with a stainless steel drip tray. The small stainless steel plate pack allows ease of handling, making teaching demonstrations more convenient. The filter pack between the end castings is made up of one end and three intermediate thick turbid frames, and one end and three intermediate filter plates. The slurry to be filtered is connected by hose to the pump suction. A hose fitted to the filter outlet takes the clear filtrate to a suitable receiving vessel. The plate pack has been designed to allow washing of the filter cake when filtering is complete. A pressure gauge situated at the filter inlet is used to monitor the filtering process.
Detailed Operation & Maintenance Manual is provided along with the trainer.

Technical Specifications

– A fully self-contained plate and frame type filter press constructed entirely in stainless steel.
– Centrifugal pump: for pumping the slurry, mounted on the frame work
– Throttle valve
– Pressure gauge
– The filter pack is made up of four plates and four frames
– The filter pack and sheets are compressed manually using a hardened steel screw thread.