PC Operated Temperature Control Trainer Model PCT 106

Sci-tech PC Operated Temperature Control System Trainer Model PCT 106 is designed to demonstrate various aspects of control engineering using a temperature controlled system.
Electrical oven or hot water bath is used as process. Temperature of this oven/water bath is controlled using a PID Controller.
The system incorporates standard industrial components.

Item Description

– Compact and sturdy construction
– Easy and versatile operation
– Self contained system
– Computerised analysis (Optional)
– Incorporates standard industrial components
– Comprehensive instrumentation

Technical Specifications

The station consists of following components,
1) Electrical Furnace: Capable of developing 200oC
2) Pt100 type temperature sensor
3) Firing angle controller
4) Interface Unit:
4 channel analog input, 4-20 mA/0- 20 mA
1 channel analog output, 4 –20 mA
4 Digital input
2 Digital output, potential free relay output
Interface with PC through RS232 port
230 V ac operated
5) Control Panel: To house electrical as well as instrumentation. MOC: MS
– Pentium IV 2.8 GHz
– 1.44 FDD
– 40 GB HDD
– 128 MB RAM
– 15” Color monitor
– Optical mouse
7) Software: Lab view Based SCADA Software for controlling the temperature of furnace using Feedback Control System and On- off control system. The software should have following facilities,
– Real time measured parameter versus time graph
– Display of measured parameter, output and set-point in bar graph format
– Liner scale for setting set point in of PID
– Circular knobs for setting values of P, I and D parameters
– Facility to start/stop data logging and storing/retrieval of logged data

– Facility to view logged data in graphical as well as digital format
– In-built PID, and On-off routines to control various parameters
– Alarm annunciator along with facility to set the high and lows limits of the alarm
Supply demo software on CD along with the offer.
Dimensions: approx. 300 x 300 x 300 mm (W x B x H) (W x B x H)