Networking Automotive Systems + Lightning Model AM 045

Sci-tech Networking Automotive Systems: Lighting Trainer Model AM 045 is designed to familiarize students with the mordent automotive electrical & electronic systems. In modern day vehicles, the lighting and on-board network management functions are being taken over by controller units in automobiles. This training system consists of a steering column switch with control unit and the on-board network control unit.

Item Description

– Fitted with components from modern day Automobile.
– Includes CAN Bus technology.
– Fault finding accessories included.

It can be expanded with control units for reverse gear detection and automatic trailer detection. Experiments can be carried out to investigate modern control unit functions. Detailed Operation & Maintenance Manual is provided along with the trainer.

Technical Specifications

– Lighting unit
– Instrument cluster
– Electronic immobilizer
– Steering wheel electronics
– Control unit for automatic trailer detection
– 13-pole trailer socket
– Central control module for comfort system (CAN bus)
– Electronic and electric system
– Windshield wiper motor
– Rain photo sensor
– Relay strip
– OBD diagnostic plug
– CAN bus interface
– Fault switching box