Miniature Steam Power Plant Model BSG 011

The Miniature Steam Power Plant Model BSG 011 is a laboratory scale bench top trainer unit, designed and developed to enable students to conduct experiments to study the various functional aspects of a steam power plant system and its components. The unit can also be used to demonstrate students the properties of steam. It is a scaled down model of the industrial power plant system and includes complete instrumentation. All components are mounted at the working height on a self supporting steel frame work.

Item Description

Sci-tech Steam Power Plant Model BSG 011 is an energy conversion device used to generate mechanical power or electricity from fuels. Steam at high pressures and temperature is generated and its energy is absorbed by expanding in a turbine or an engine, which are usually coupled to the devices such as a generator, pump or a compressor. Thus the energy contained in the fuel is converted to useful purposes. Steam Power Plants are complex and consist of several components and instrumentation systems which are of interest to various training fields such as power plant engineering, mechanical engineering, marine engineering, propulsion, energy conversion, heat transfer, electronics and controls etc.

Technical Specifications

– Boiler (Electric Fired )
– Single stage, Axial flow Impulse Turbine
– Water cooled Condenser
– Feed Pump
– Insulated Steam Lines
– Pressure gauges
– Orifice meter
– Control valves
– Separating & Throttling calorimeter

– Temperature Sensors & Digital Temperature Indicator
– Digital Tachometer / RPM Sensor & Indicator
– Voltmeter, Ammeter
– Loading device Options: 1. D.C. Generator / AC Alternator
2. Eddy Current Dynamometer
3. Standard Belt Brake and Load Cell
Optionally, the unit is self sufficient and complete with the PC based system for operation, data acquisition and processing.