MIC – MICRSTRIP Trainer Model TCM 020

Sci-tech MIC (Microstrip) Trainer kit is a user friendly training system for the UHF/Microwave Lab. It is a combination of different components as specified below. Students can easily connect the components & illustrate the essential elements of this field for study.

Item Description

These Training Benches are completely self-contained & provide the means to allow students to carry out practical work at a low cost. A comprehensive manual containing extensive microwave theory and a progressive. The product helps you to get fully acquainted with the basic concepts and functioning of an MIC (Microstrip) Trainer.

Technical Specifications

– Branch Line Directional Coupler
– Parallel Coupled Directional Coupler
– Rat race Hybrid Coupler
– Microstrip Ring Resonator
– Microstrip Power divider
– Stubline low pass filter – 1
– Stubline low pass filter – 2
– Two Resonator Band Pass Filter
– Three Resonator Band Pass Filter
– Stubline Band Stop Filter – 1
– Stubline Band Stop Filter – 2
– 50 Ohm Microstrip Transmission line
– J Band Source with power supply
– Detector
– VSWR Meter
– 50 Ohm Termination.
– Attenuator 6 dB
– Stand
– RF Cable SMA to SMA (9″)
– SMA to BNC Cable
– Sample of Dielectric Substrate