Metacentric Height Apparatus MODEL FM 08A

Sci-tech Metacentric Height Apparatus Model FM 08A demonstrates the metacentric height of a floating body and the height variation is used with Hydraulic Bench Model MH100 or a separately supplied bowl.

Item Description

The equipment consists of a rectangular pontoon. The centre of gravilty of the pontoon can be moved sideways by moving horizontal jockey weight. The angle of the tilt of the pontoon is indicated by a plumb bob on a scale attached. The centre of gravity of the pontoon can also be moved vertically by means of adjustable vertical weights on the mast.

Technical Specifications

 Open Tank: Made of Acrylic, for water storage. Size: 380 mm X 480 mm x 300 mm (W X B X H)
 Floating Body: Made of non-corrosive transparent Acrylic material, used as floating body (Ship). Plumb, protector, weights & counter weights and mounted on this ship
 Size of Floating Body: 300 mm X 300 mm x 270 mm (W X B X H)
 Horizontal scale graduation: 1mm
 Mast Height: 400mm with 1mm graduation
 Counter Weights: Mounted on floating body, made of non-corrosive aluminum material, for making ship horizontal of floating body.
 Protector: To determine the angle of tilt of ship from its axis, protractor is attached on the ship.
 Plumb: Made of Stainless Steel, fitted at center of protector for vertical downward line.
 Jockey weight: Made of Aluminum & copper, to provide imbalance of system. Two set of pan, each of 50 g and a set of 8 discs each weighing 50 g is supplied.

Services required: Water supply and drainage.
Overall dimensions: 380X480X300mm.

The manual describing the theoretical and practical aspects of the apparatus, operation, analysis of results, and sample of results will be supplied with the equipment.