Low Capacity Frames SCTC-4700 & SCTC-4710

SCTC-4700 : 600 kN Capacity Frame

SCTC-4710 : 1500 kN Capacity Frame

Item Description


EN 12390-3, 12390-4; ASTM C39; BS 1881

The load frame provides the stability needed for accurate and repeatable test results over the years of operation. The machine’s hydraulic power pack, control and read out units are positioned on the right hand side of the load frame for easier accessibility, increased productivity and for safer operations.

The load frame assembly consists of the following;

  • Load Frame
  • Upper Platen with Ball Seating Assembly
  • Lower Platen
  • Distance Pieces
  • Loading Cylinder Assembly & Limit Switch for safety
  • Front and Rear Protective Doors for safety

Low Capacity Frames (d* depth)

Low Capacity Frames are supplied complete with;

  • SCTC-4700 : 90, 50, 30, x 165 mm dia. distance pieces
  • SCTC-4710 : 90, 50, 2 pcs. 30, x 165 mm dia. distance pieces


Technical Specifications





600 kN 1500 kN

Frame Type

Welded Steel Welded Steel
Lower Platens Dimensions (D) Ø 165 mm Ø 216 mm

Upper Platens With Ball Seating Assembly Dimensions (C)


Ø 165 mm


Ø 216 mm

Piston Diameter

150 mm 230 mm

Piston Stroke

50 mm 50 mm

Maximum Vertical Clearance Between Platens (E)

340 mm 370 mm

Horizontal Clearance (B)

230 mm 320 mm

Dimensions (wxlxh) (Axd*xF)

290x500x800 mm 380x500x930 mm


335 kg 540 kg