Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Spherical Storage Tank Model THC 015

– Mild steel dis-assembling type model allowing study of internal/external construction
– Long lasting since made in steel and powder coated
– Durable and easily cleanable model

Item Description

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Spherical Storage Tank: This is a scaled model of Spherical Storage tank used for storage of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). Various parts of tank including Inlet & Outlet, and Breather valve can be seen. It is made of Mild Steel and is powder coated to Siemens Gray Colour.

Technical Specifications

This type of storage vessel is preferred for storage of high pressure fluids. A sphere is a very strong structure. The even distribution of stresses on the sphere’s surfaces, both internally and externally, generally means that there are no weak points. Spheres however, are much more costly to manufacture than cylindrical or rectangular vessels. Storage Spheres need ancillary equipment similar to tank storage – e.g. Access manholes, Safety valves, Access ladders, earthing points… etc. An advantage of spherical storage vessels is that they have a smaller surface area per unit volume than any other shape of vessel. This means, that the quantity of heat transferred from warmer surroundings to the liquid in the sphere, will be less than that for cylindrical or rectangular storage vessels. Spheres can be built from 1,000 barrels to 75,000 barrels of capacity.