Linear & Angular Speed Apparatus Model MT 093

Sci-tech Linear & Angular Speed Apparatus Model MT 093 stepped shaft is secured to a main shaft, which itself is secured within a bracket. The bracket can be bench or wall mounted.

Item Description

Wrapped around the circumference of each step of the shaft is cord. At the ends of each cord is a single adjustable bob. The adjustment of the bobs can be made to ensure that the starting positions of each bob is the same even though the steps are different diameters. Alternatively the starting position of each bob can be made different.

The shaft is rotated by a handle which can be locked by a retaining screw. The angular movement of the shaft and the corresponding linear movement of the weights can be compared.

Technical Specifications

– Three (3) stepped diameter shaft
– Diameters Ø74mm, Ø49mm, Ø24mm
– Bob adjustment upwards of 10mm
– Comprehensive instruction manual provided