LC Semi-Automatic Compression Testing Machines SCTC-4021, SCTC-4021/110, SCTC-4121, SCTC-4121/110, SCTC-0210

SCTC-4021 – 600 kN Semi-Automatic Compression Testing Machine, 220-240 V 50-60 Hz

SCTC-4021/110 – 600 kN Semi-Automatic Compression Testing Machine,110 V 60 Hz

SCTC-4121 – 1500 kN Semi-Automatic Compression Testing Machine, 220-240 V 50-60 Hz

SCTC-4121/110 – 1500 kN Semi-Automatic Compression Testing Machine, 110 V 60 Hz

SCTC-0210 – High Precision Pressure Transducer and Electronic

Standards: ASTM C39; AASHTO T22; ISO EN 7500

Item Description

The SCITECH Semi-Automatic (Motorized) range of 600 kN and 1500 kN capacity compression testing machines have been designed for reliable and consistent testing of a wide range of specimens. These compression testers are manufactured as a result of continuous applications and research studies to upgrade the machines with the latest technologies to conform to the current standards ASTM C39; AASHTO T22; ISO EN 7500 in terms of its technical properties taking into account the client requirements. These machines also meet the requirements of CE norms with respect to the operator’s health and safety. Their user-friendly design enable an inexperienced operator to perform the tests.

Exceeding of the ASTM C-39 standard provisions (starts with the 10% of the machine capacity), the SCTC-4021 and SCTC-4121 are supplied in Class 1 starting from 50 kN. This unique performance enables the machines to be used for a considerable number of applications including:

Technical Specifications

Model UTC-4021 UTC-4121
Capacity 600 kN 1500 kN
Standard ASTM C39 ASTM C39
The roughness value for texture of loading and auxiliary platens ≤ 3.2μm ≤ 3.2μm
Lower platens dimensions Ø165 mm Ø216 mm
Upper platens dimensions Ø165 mm Ø216 mm
Maximum vertical clearance between platens 340 mm 370 mm
Piston diameter 150 mm 230 mm
Maximum piston movement 50 mm 50 mm
Horizontal clearance 230 mm 320 mm
Oil capacity 12 L 12 L
Maximum working pressure 340 Bar 362 Bar
Dimensions (wxlxh) 590x500x800 mm 680x500x930 mm
Weight 385 kg 590 kg