Kettle Type Re-boiler Heat Exchanger Model THC 001

– Made in fully transparent acrylic allowing study of internal/external construction
– Working model through which liquids/gasses can be passed
– Durable and easily cleanable model
– Offered in durable 1” foam coated wooden case

Item Description

A kettle type heat exchanger is a special type of heat exchanger which is used when the fluids used consist of high pressure gases and this heat exchanger has a specially designed shell that gives expansion space to the heat exchanger. This heat exchanger can handle large amount of load fluctuation.
A kettle reboiler undergoes submerged boiling (or latent heat transfer). This type of reboil involves convection currents and much complex heat film coefficients.
so that the tube bundle is kept covered with liquid. Kettle reboilers are reliable in that they can handle high vaporization of up to 80 percent and are easy to maintain. The liquid from the bottom of the tower flows through the tube bundle and exits as condensate. A restraining device (baffle) controls the liquid level over the bundle.

Technical Specifications

– This is used only for re-boilers to provide a large disengagement space in order to minimize shell side liquid carry over.
– Entire tube bundle including floating head assembly can be removed
– Tube Side fluid is cooled by boiling the fluid on the shell side.
– Suited for processes where the heating medium is dirty.