Industrial Installation Trainer MODEL ELTR 20

Industrial Installation Trainer MODEL ELTR 20

– Facilitates easy and safe wiring by students due to use of 4mm sturdy Shrouded banana patch cords and shrouded socket arrangements for high voltage circuits
– Each panel has ABS molded plastic sturdy enclosure, and colorful screwless overlays showing circuits diagrams & its connection tag numbers for easy understanding and connection

Item Description

List of experiments supported:
(1) Study of components in electrical systems and their Operations.
(2) Study of Hold ON Contact Logic. .
(3) Study of interlocking contact logics with trip indication.
(4) Study of DOL starter logic.
(5) Study of Star-Delta Logic
(6) Study of phase reversal logic.
(7) Study of Sequential logic to start motors in a process plant using timers & AA panel.
Optional experiments with AC/DC drive, PLC

Technical Specifications


ELTR 020 IndustrialInstallationTrainer

A] Flat Aluminum profile sturdy panel (table top) system, 5X3 modular structure, carrying various
high voltage components housed in plastic enclosures (panel) to minimize shock possibility.
– Input 3 phase DOL Starter panel (EMT1) [10 Shrouded Banana]
– 4 pole MCB of 415 V/1A .
– DOL 9A Contactor with 230Vfa / 50 Hz / 11VA COIL .
– Bimetallic thermal O/L relay with range 1.4A – 2.3A .

* Lamp Load Panel (EMT7) X 2 nos [12 Shrouded Banana]
– Each panel consists of 230V /15/40/60/100W X 3 bulbs with individual ON/OFF using 6A toggle switch
* 1 MCB Isolator Panel (EMT 16A) [10 Shrouded Banana]
– 1 MCBs of 4A/1.6A – 2nos, one lamp load
* Contactor panel (EMT 27) X 3 nos [28 Shrouded Banana]
– 9A Contactor with 230V / 50 Hz / 11VA COIL with 3 nos NO type power contact 2 NO & 2 NC addon Logic contact.
* Over Load Relay Panel (EMT 28) [17 Shrouded Banana]
– Bimetallic thermal O/L relay with range 440V/1.4A – 2.3A with 3 power contacts.
– Supports trip Contact & Alarm contact.
* Push Button Panel (EMT 29) [24 Shrouded Banana]
– Consists of Industrial grade Illuminated push button with one NO & one NC contact.
– Supports One Mushroom Switch, 4 nos of smaller type instruments grade push buttons with one NO &
one NC contact for each.
* 3 Pole 7 way CAM Switch Panel (EMT 30) [27 Shrouded Banana]
– Consists of 3 pole 7 way CAM switch connection brought out on Banana.
* Proximity cum Limit switch Panel (EMT 31) [6 Banana + 3 Shrouded Sockets]
– Consists of 2 nos of NPN type proximity sensors operated on 24VDC supply..
– Supports One change over type limit Switch with NO & NC contact.
* Alarm Annunciator Panel (EMT 32) [8 Shrouded Banana]
– Consists of four no potential free fault contacts.
– Supports four no of fault windows with flashing indication & Alarm annunciation.
* 24VDC Power Supply Panel (EMT 33) [16 Banana Sockets]

– Input 230VAC, output 24VDC/2A.with extenders for connections.
* Dual Timer Panel (DTP) [14 Shrouded Banana]
– Consists of two nos of Individual Timers 24V DCor 230Vac operated supply coil.
– Each Timer Supports 2 NO & 1 NC contacts.
* Relay Panel (SEP-03) [16 Banana Sockets]
– Consists of 8 nos of change over type relays with NO, NC & Common contacts for each with supplly coil of 24VDC. Supports lamp LED lamp Indication for 8 outputs.
– Optional 3D AC Squirrel cage Foot mounted motor with 6 terminals broughts out for star delta Expt.