Industrial Automation Trainer Model ELTR 019

Sci-tech Industrial Automation Trainer Model ELTR 019 is designed to provide student with full
training on study of PLC control in industrial applications.
The trainers enables theory and practical experiments to be carried out for study course of PLC based operations in industrial inverters, motors, machine tools, industrial controls & lightings.
The trainer consists of training cabinet, nets orifice plate, power control panel, PLC, inverter, electrical components, three phase asynchronous motor, optional computer/laptop, etc.

Item Description

The trainer demonstrates PLC commonly used programmes, frequency converter application training, typical motor control training, typical lighting distribution of electricity, typical machine circuit training, typical relay contact control device, PLC reconstruction project.

Experimental jump line, commonly used tools, software & product specifications are included.

The trainer is equipped with ‘safety protection function’.

Experimental Projects:
1. PLC basic instruction training.
2. Inverter training:
a) Operation panel to control the inverter to run experiments.
b) Inverter – jog run experiment.
c) Based on external potentiometer to control the inverter running experiment.
d) Based on an external voltage control of inverter operation experiment.
e) Drive analog output detection experiments.
f) Inverter switch output detection experiments.
g) PLC to control the inverter to run the experiments.
3. A typical motor control training project:
a) PLC control motor start and stop project.
b) PLC control motor jog, and self-locking project.
c) PLC control motor reversing project.
d) PLC control motor star-delta start up projects
e) PLC to control the motor to reverse braking project.
4. A typical lighting distribution training.
5. A typical machine tool line training.
6. A typical relay contactor control PLC reconstruction project.

Technical Specifications

– Stand-alone portable cabinet structure with experiment table, control panel in the front and lower board to mount motors, relay-contactors, etc.
– Overall dimensions: 700mm (W) x 450mm (D) x 1800mm (H).