Hydraulic Trainer Set Up Module HT 007

Sci-tech Hydraulic Trainer Set Up Model HT 007 is designed to meet the requirements for learning complex inner dynamic structure and working principle of hydraulic components. By using relay module, button module and PLC module, it combines the transmission technology and control technology perfectly.

Item Description

• The structure of hydraulic component is designed according to real industrial hydraulic component, which is light in weight and small in size. Due to this, students can start or stop experiment in a short time.
• All the hydraulic components are equipped with quick installing baseboard and quick connecting joint to ensure convenient operation. By using double-locking quick connecting tube, students can replace an oil tube in 6 seconds without leakage.
• The PLC module and electrical control module are modular designed to avoid cross interference of electrical circuit when doing experiment.
• Safety protections: grounded, lead protection, safety in accordance with related BS standards. Insulated safety sockets, sheathed cables and wires.


Technical Specifications

1. Input Voltage : Single-phase AC 220V, 50Hz
2. Temperature : -10~50ºC, Below RH 90%
3. Permanent magnet DC speed regulating motor: 1.8A, DC220V, 400W, 0~1200rpm
4. Oil tank: 30L with liquid level meter, oil temperature indicating meter, oil filter, safety valve, etc.
5. Overall power consumption:≤2.0 kVA

• Training Bench (Qty:1)
»Size: 1560mm×650mm×1800mm
• Power supply control panel (Qty:1)
»Input: AC 220V
»Output: DC 24V
• Button module (Qty:1)
• Oil pump control module (Qty:1)
• Intermediate relay module (Qty:1)
• PLC module (Qty:1)
• PLC communication cable (Qty:1)
• COM port extension cord (1.5m) (Qty:1)
• Power line (Qty:2)
• Safety connecting line (Qty:40)
• Pump station (400W) (Qty:1)
• Hydraulic oil (20kg)
• Funnel (Qty:1)
• Lacquer tray (Qty:1)
• Experimental tube (Qty:25)

• Tools
»Scissor (Qty:1)
»Phillips screwdriver (Qty:1)
»Slot type screwdriver (Qty:1)
»Socket head wrench (Qty:4)
»Open wrench (Qty:2)
»Tool box (Qty:1)

»Three-plug socket (Qty:1)
»Pliers (Qty:2)
»Fuse (2A) (Qty:10)
• Programming software (copy) (Qty:1)
»Auxiliary oil tank (Qty:1)
»Double acting hydro-cylinder (Qty:2)
»Spring return hydro-cylinder (Qty:1)
»Pressure hydro-cylinder (Qty:1)
»One-way valve (Qty:2)
»Hydraulic controlled one-way valve (Qty:2)
»Direct acting overflow valve (Qty:2)
»Pilot overflow valve (Qty:1)
»Throttle valve (Qty:1)
»Sequence valve (Qty:2)
»Speed regulating valve (Qty:2)
»Reducing valve (Qty:1)
»4/2 way stroke directional valve (Qty:1)
»5/3 way hand- directional valve (Qty:1)

»2/2 way solenoid directional valve (Qty:1)
»4/2 way solenoid directional valve (Qty:2)
»4/3 way solenoid directional valve (Qty:3)
»Pressure gage (Qty:3)
»Pressure relay (Qty:1)
»Travel switch (Qty:4)
»Four-way board (Qty:2)

»Three-way board (Qty:2)