Horn Circuit Trainer Model AM 040

Sci-tech Horn Circuit Trainer Model AM 040 consists of a small coil of wire around a central iron core. When the actuating switch energizes the coil this core moves heavy-duty contacts together, thus allowing high current to be passed to the device. That’s how a small switch can control a high-current device. You already know the starter solenoid is a high-current relay. Other devices that typically utilize relays are the horns, power antenna, air conditioning compressor, power seats, power windows, engine cooling fans, and power tops. Sometimes, headlights and accessory driving lights use them too. It’s important to know this because many electrical failures occur in the relays themselves

Item Description

– Assemble the circuit on a good quality PCB or common board.
– Place the circuit on a waterproof place in the dashboard.
– The switch S1 is the reverse gear switch of the car.
– Before attempting the circuit, have a good idea about the electrical wiring of your car. A wrong connection
may damage your car’s electrical circuitry.
– The transistor Q1 is not very specific. Any medium power NPN audio transistor will do the job. You could
easily find one from your electronics junk box

Technical Specifications

– Right horn
– Left horn
– Horn relay
– Fuse box
– Wire Harness
– Power supply posts.
– Base Stand
– Power supply
– Relay unit
SERVICE REQUIRED AT SITE: Electric supply 220 – 240 V AC, 50 Hz supply.