Fundamentals of Statistics Apparatus Model MT 108

• Versatile experimental unit demonstrating planar mechanical force systems
• Scope of experimentation can be extended by supplementary sets

Item Description

The experimental unit demonstrates fundamental principles of statics such as the equilibrium of forces and moments, resolution of forces, the law of levers, and more.

The base element is an upright panel. Feet enable the panel to stand on a laboratory bench. All parts required for the experiment can be quickly attached to the rails around the edges. The imprinted line grid and grid-marked lever rods permit precise assembly. The lengths marked on the grid make it easy to define angles. A wide range of mountings, such as cables, rods, pulleys, torque disks, pivot bearings and the like, can be easily fixed in place and combined. Ball bearings integrated into the panel permit low-friction torque experiments. The versatility of the experimental unit helps students to explore their creativity in developing their own experiments.

Technical Specifications

• experimental setup to demonstrate simple, planar force systems
• panel with rails around the edges for easy mounting of various experimental components
• panel with imprinted 50mm line grid and facility to write on using erasable marker
• lever rods with 50mm grid
• wide range of mountings: cables, rods, pulleys, torque disks, pivot bearings and the like
• force gauges for tensile and compressive forces, with large-format display
• transparent dial on force gauge rotatable
• storage system to house all parts

Technical Specifications
• WxH: 600x700mm, 13kg
• line grid: 50mm
Force gauges for tensile and compressive force
1 measuring range: ±50N
2 display diameter: Ø=110mm
3 protected against overloading

▪ 2x 5N (hanger)
▪ 6x 5N