Free Vibration of Bar Apparatus Model MT 048

* Natural frequencies of a free vibrating bending bar1
* Rayleigh’s method to evaluate the natural frequency of a bar

Item Description

The bending bar in Sci-tech Free Vibration of a Bar Apparatus Model MT 048 can be mounted vertically standing or hanging) or horizontally into the frame. By varying the free clamping length or moving additional weights, the natural frequency of the bar is changed. The bar is deflected manually to start damped vibrations. A non-contact position sensor measures the corresponding amplitudes. The signal can be displayed on an inter-laboratory oscilloscope.

Technical Specifications

[1] investigation of the free vibration of a bar
[2] elastic bending bar with movable weight
[3] bar can be mounted to all 4 sides of the frame
[4] inductive position sensor to measure oscillation amplitudes
[5] fixable meter rule
[6] storage system to house the components

Technical Specifications
Bending bar
– LxWxH: 635x20x3mm
– material: AlMgSi0.5F22
Set of weights: 10x100g
Sensor output signal
– analogue voltage level, proportional to position