Francis Turbine Test Rig MODEL FM 21

The Sci-tech Francis Turbine Test Rig Model FM 21 is an experimental set-up necessary for any hydraulic machinery and fluid mechanics laboratory of an educational institution.

Item Description

Francis turbine is a radial flow reaction turbine. Energy of water is transferred to the turbine runner by changes in both velocity and pressure. Water enters the turbine unit circumferentially through the spiral turbine casing. It enters the periphery of the stationary guide vanes and flows radially inwards through the runner. After passing through the runner, flow is discharged nearly axially through a draft tube before entering the tail race. The torque developed in the runner is converted into useful work. Francis turbines are used in hydro-electric power plants operating with water source available at medium heads (say, 15 to 300m of water) and volume flow rates. It is essential for students to understand the operation and performance characteristics of Francis turbines. The Sci-tech Francis Turbine Test rig Model FM 21 has been designed to enable students to study the operation and performance characteristics of a typical single stage Francis turbine. The unit has a sump tank and a centrifugal pump driven by electric motor to supply and re-circulate water. The turbine is mounted with the axis horizontal on the top of the robust mobile frame. Water enters the turbine casing through a variable area flow meter. A hand operated valve is provided at the inlet to control inlet head and flow rate. Inlet head is measured using a pressure gauge. After passing through the stationary guide vanes and runner, water is discharged through tube to the sump tank. A ring mechanism is provided to vary the position of inlet guide vanes. The flow rate though the runner can be controlled by operating inlet guide vanes. Transparent observation window is Francis Turbine Test Rig provided to see operation of inlet guide vane mechanism. Power generated in the turbine is absorbed by a disc brake dynamometer and the torque is measured using load cells. Turbine shaft speed is measured using digital tachometer. Instrumentation and control panel is included. The complete unit is manufactured from corrosion resistant materials.

Computer based learning software is included to enable students understand and conduct experiments, tabulate results and plot graphs. The Sci-tech Francis Turbine Demonstration Apparatus is an important experimental set-up for any Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics Laboratory of an educational institution.

List of Experiments
1. Study of construction of Francis Turbine
2. Determination constant head characteristics curve
3. Determination of constant speed characteristics curves
4. Determination of constant efficiency curves.

Technical Specifications

Important Features and Specifications:
 Francis Turbine unit: 1 or 3.7Kw at 1250RPM
 Dynamometer
 Pressure gauge
 Flow meter, Venturimeter, Manometer
 AC motor: 3 or 15 H.P.
 Valves, Pipes, Electric cables
 Sump tank
 Centrifugal pump to power the turbine.
 Set of Weights.

 Data Acquisition with high performance, various function parameter IP & OP.
 Low cost, Portable, compact, comprehensive, sturdy design
 Fully instrumentation for experimentation of data acquisition of different parameter of refrigeration system & its calculations.
 Direct reading of parameters like temperature, pressures, load and power measurement. Francis Turbine Test Rig
 Very high -speed dynamic signal acquisition is possible.
 Computerized Load control attachment as optional accessories. System is having unique feature of direct reading & automatic calculating all efficiency & heat balance sheet of refrigeration system. The online graphical representation of important parameter is displayed on screen to see effect of change in load. Final result & graph are in built available in software. System has facility of measuring parameters like temperature at different locations, pressures, load, mass flow of refrigeration (Rotameter) and power measurement.

1. VFD
2. Digital tachometer
3. Data acquisition system (computerization)
4. Stop watch

Services Required:
1. Electrical supply, 3 phase, 380/415 V, 50 Hz.
2. Water supply and drainage.

Overall Dimensions:
 Length : 1.2m.
 Width : 0.6m.
 Height : 1.8m.

The manual describing the theoretical and practical aspects of the apparatus, operation and maintenance, analysis of results and sample of results will be supplied with the equipment.