Four Bar Chain Model MT 019

Sci-tech Four Bar Chain MT 019 demonstrates rotary motion is converted into oscillatory motion. An anodized
aluminum disc is mounted on ball bearings as a crank. The disc has a scale so that the input angle can be
exactly measured.

Item Description

* Conversion of rotary motion into oscillatory motion1
* Demonstration of the principle of axle pivot steering

[1] Benchtop experiment on the kinematic behavior of a four bar chain, Grashof set
[2] Anodized aluminum discs, ball bearing mounted
[3] Aluminum rods, black anodized
[4] 3 different crank radii
[5] 3 different swing radii
[6] 4 different connecting rod lengths
[7] lxwxh 380x280x100mm

Technical Specifications

Crank radius
– 25mm – 37.5mm – 50mm
Swing radius

– 50mm – 100mm – 200mm
Connecting rod length
– 160mm – 180mm – 200mm – 220mm