Forces in Over-determinate Trusses Model MT 044

* Comparison of forces in statically determinate and over-determinate trusses1
* Bars with strain gauge full bridges to measure bar force1
* Optional Computerized evaluation of experiments

Item Description

Over-determinate trusses are employed where over-dimensioning is purposely required because safety must be maintained in the event of failure of an element, such as in aircraft construction. With additionally inserted bars a statically determinate truss becomes internally statically indeterminate. In this case the truss is termed statically over-determinate.

Sci-tech Forces in Over-determinate Trusses Model MT 044 experimental set-up permits investigation and comparison of statically determinate and statically indeterminate trusses.

Technical Specifications

[1] investigation of bar forces in statically over determinate trusses
[2] surplus bar, longitudinally adjustable
[3] straight and inclined loading possible
[4] strain gauge to measure force on each bar
[5] measuring amplifier
[6] software (optional) to evaluate measurement data
[7] storage system to house the components
[8] experimental set-up in frame

Technical Specifications
Bars: 8
– 5 bars, fixed 300mm
– 2 bars, fixed 424mm
– 1 bar, adjustable 400…450mm
– angle between bars: 30°, 45°, 60°, 90°
– maximum bar force: 500N
– strain gauge on each bar
– height of truss max. 270mm
– length of truss max. 500mm
Load application device
-500…+500N, graduations: 10N
Dial gauge: measurement range: 0…20mm