Fluid Properties Apparatus Model MH 54

This is a basic module which provides facilities to develop the understanding and knowledge of various fundamental principles and techniques required for the study of Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics.

Item Description

Several experiments in Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics which are related to properties of fluids and hydrostatics can be carried out using the ‘Sci-tech’ Fluid Properties Apparatus Model MH 54. The unit allows full range of experiments to be carried out including demonstration and measurement of fluid properties, effects of static pressure, application of pressure gauges and manometers and the study of stability of floating bodies. The Apparatus is a very important module and is recommended for all Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics Laboratories in Educational Institutions. A list of common experiments that can be conducted using the Hydrostatic Bench is given below:

a) Density & Specific Gravity
b) Viscosity
c) Capillary demonstration
d) Archimedes Principle of Buoyancy
e) Pressure measurements.

The Apparatus is a self-contained and mobile unit mounted on a steel framed bench fitted with castor wheels. All equipments are kept on the bench panel as well as in the bench cup board.
Water is provided in a storage tank in the bench and an optional pump delivers water for experiments. The unit is ideal for lecture room demonstrations and student projects.

Technical Specifications

Important components and specifications:
The unit consists of the following experimental apparatus:
1. Hydrometer Jars of 50mmdiameter & 450mm Height (Two nos)
2. Universal Hydrometer with varying resolution of 0.01 to 0.07 SG at 2.00 SG.
3. Two Falling Viscometer Tubes of 40mm diameter with calibration of 0, 25., 100, 175, 200, 220mm.
4. Steel Spheres of 1.588, 2.381 & 3.175mm.
5. Glass Spirit filled Thermometer with range -10ºC to +50ºC
6. Aneroid Barometer of range 910 to 1060 mbar
7. Parallel Plate Capillary Apparatus
8. Capillary Tube Apparatus with Six capillary tubes 150mm long 0.4. 0.6. 0.8, 1.2, 1.7, and 2.2mm bore.
9. Archimedes apparatus comprising of displacement vessel, machined bucket and matching cylinder.
10. Density bottle (pycnometer), capacity 50ml.
11. 250ml plastic measuring cylinder
12. 600ml glass beaker
13. Dual scale lever balance, range 0-250gms x 1gm & 0 to 1Kg X 10gms.

A comprehensive instruction and laboratory teaching manual describing the apparatus, method of conducting experiments and analysis of data and results will be supplied along with the equipment.

Services required: Electrical Supply, 220-240 V earthed single-phase, 50 Hz.
Overall dimensions: H = 1500 mm, W = 1900 mm, D = 650 mm.

(Note: Boyle’s Law apparatus is not included as it belongs to a different class of apparatus.
However, Boyle’s Law apparatus will be supplied if required, as a separate accessory on