Flow through Packed Columns Model TH 122

– Mobile, compact, comprehensive, sturdy design.
– Fully instrumentation for experimentation of Double pipe heat exchanger.
– Direct reading of temperature, voltmeter and ammeter measurement

Item Description

Packed columns have a variety of uses in process engineering, waste water and air purification and in biotechnical systems. For example, in an adsorption column the two substances can be brought into close contact using the packing. When used as a fixed bed reactor, the packing carries the catalyst necessary for the reaction. Packing is available in the widest variety of shapes and materials. Observing the desired flow conditions is vital for proper functioning. Wetting, contact time and flow resistance play a key role. These packed column properties can be studied with the TH 122 trainer, and important phenomena such as the wall effect or the flooding point can be demonstrated.

Technical Specifications

[1] trainer for studying the flow in packing layers

[2] transparent DURAN glass packed column with interchangeable packed bed

[3] operation with water or water and air

[4] water-air operation in parallel flow or counter-flow

[5] water direction of flow can be reversed

[6] closed water circuit with a pump and storage tank

[7] compressor for air supply

[8] measurement of flow rate and pressure loss

Technical Specifications


– max. flow rate: 18L/min

– max. head: 45m

– power consumption: 250W Compressor

– max. volumetric flow rate: 8m3/h

– max. pressure: 1bar rel.

– power consumption: 370W Packed column

– inner diameter: 80mm

– length: 2x 500mm

– packing height: approx. 350mm

Storage tank: 55L

Measuring ranges

– flow rate (air): 1…10m3/s