Flow Injection Analysis Apparatus Model TH 166

– Professional analyzer for TH 165
– Continuous photometric determination of the glucose concentration

Item Description

Sci-tech Flow Injection Analysis Apparatus Model TH 166 supplements TH 165. It uses the photometer in TH 165 as a detector to detect the reaction product glucose.
The multi-channel pump permanently conveys three liquid flows into the FIA. The dissolved reaction products from TH 165 and an indicator reagent are first mixed in one chamber. The mixture then flows through a helical reaction loop. The conduction of the flow in the reaction loop enables an even distribution of all substances. Another indicator reagent is added in a second mixing chamber. After flowing through another reaction loop, the mixture enters the flow cell. There the light intensity is continuously measured with the photometer to determine the glucose concentration. To trigger the discoloration for the photometric measurement, a defined amount of the enzyme ‘glucose oxidase’ is injected through an injection valve. The indicator reagents and the enzyme ‘glucose oxidase’ are not included in the scope of delivery.

Technical Specifications

1. Continuous, photometric determination of the glucose concentration in the product from TH 165
2. PTFE flow cell for determining the concentration with the photometer from TH 165
3. Multi-channel peristaltic pump for conveying the product from TH 165 and the indicator reagents
4. Injection valve, injection syringe and injection loop for adding the enzyme ‘glucose oxidase’ required for verification
5. 2 mixing chambers for mixing the product and indicator reagents
6. 2 PTFE reaction loops
7. 3 DURAN glass beakers for indicator reagents and enzyme ‘glucose oxidase’
8. 1 tank for waste

Technical Specifications
Flow cell travel length: 1cm Multi-channel peristaltic pump
– 4 channels
– max. flow rate per channel: 11mL/min at 100min-1 and hose Di=1,42mm
Injection valve
– 6 connections
– 2 switch positions

– reaction loops: 1x 2000mm, 1x 4000mm
– injection loop: 1x 100mm
– indicator reagents: 2x 250mL
– enzyme ‘glucose oxidase’: 1x 25mL
– waste: 1x 1000mL
– injection syringe: 1x 10mL