Flow Boiling Demonstration Apparatus BSG 005

– Compact, sturdy, Model
– Full glass design for observation of water/vapour flow.
– Simple design.

Item Description

The process of evaporation in heated pipes that occurs in water-tube boilers can be demonstrated. The different phases that appear during evaporation in the pipe can be clearly seen. The double-wall glass evaporation pipe allows the evaporation process to be observed closely. Hot water flows through the outer pipe and evaporates the medium in the inner pipe. The non-toxic liquid used starts to evaporate at 40 to 50°C. Low system pressures can be generated with the built-in water jet pump.
The pipe systems are clearly laid out on a metal panel. The hot water circuit consists of an expansion vessel, a circulating pump and heater. An evaporation pipe, vapour collector, watercooled condenser and return pipe form the evaporation circuit.

Technical Specifications

– Cooling water connection

– Evaporator pipe,

– Shut off valve,

– Water jet vacuum pump,

– Collector with manometer, excess pressure valve and bleeding,

– Condenser,

– Hot water expansion vessel,

– Thermometer for hot water feed,

– Switch for heater and pump,

– Circulating pump,

– Electrical heater with thermostat