Flocculation Test Demonstrator Model FM 061

Sci-tech Flocculation test Demonstrator Model FM 61 is The present set-up is designed to conduct the coagulation and flocculation test in the laboratory.

Item Description

These test are called as “Jar Test” which are routinely performed by the water treatment operators in the industry. This test indicates the optimum chemical dosages for removal of turbidity and colour present in water. It also indicates such auxiliary fact regarding pH adjustments and necessity for the supplemental use of activated carbon. The laboratory scale unit of Flocculation test unit consists of 6 Nos. of Glass Flocculating vessels. These are provided on a translucent base which is illuminated from bottom by a florescent lamp, fitted with a reflector. Each vessel is provided with a separate stirrer. A Paddle type SS Impeller is fixed on Flocculation Test Demonstrator the stirrer shaft and the speed of the impellers can be regulated with the provided speed controller. All stirrers are driven with one variable speed motor. This paddle assembly can be easily removed for the cleaning purpose.
Detailed Operation & Maintenance Manual is provided along with the trainer.

Technical Specifications

 Six stirrers with stainless steel paddles, linked to a variable speed motor with electronic
 feedback speed control
 Stirrer speed range typically 25 to 240 rpm, with a digital speed display
 Easily demountable stirrer assemblies to allow test vessels to be removed and cleaned
 Digital timer, from 1 to 99 minutes
 Two adjustable preset programs
 Height: 0.46m
 Length: 0.75m
 Width: 0.21m

Experiment Capabilities
 To determine the optimum coagulant dosage.
 To determine the optimum pH
 To determine the effect of mixing time &  intensity on aggregation.

Required Services
 Electric Supply 230 V AC, Single Phase, Earthed