Flexural Test Device For Concrete Beams SCTC-0370

Standards: EN 12390-5; ASTM C78, C293; AASHTO T 97

Item Description

Flexural test device for center-point or two-point (third-point- ASTM) loading flexural tests on concrete beams of 100x100x400- 500 mm,150x150x600-750 mm. Consist of two upper rollers and two lower rollers of 38 mm dia. and 160 mm lenght. Total height is 330 mm when adjusted for 150 mm beams and 290 mm for 100 mm beams.

Technical Specifications

  • Distance between upper roller: 100 mm or 150 mm
  • Distance between lower rollers: 300 mm or 450 mm
  • Max vertical daylight: 160 mm when the total height is 330 mm
  • Min vertical daylight: 110 mm when the total height is290 mm
  • Max travel: 40 mm
  • Total width: 310 mm

Dimensions : 600x320x290 mm

Weight (approx.) : 40 kg