Fixed Bed Catalysis Apparatus Model TH 165

– Chemical and biological fixed bed catalysis
– 3 reactors for comparative experiments
– Product analysis with photometer

Item Description

Catalysts enable or accelerate chemical reactions. Sci-tech Fixed Bed Catalysis Apparatus Model TH 165 is designed for the decomposition reaction of dissolved saccharose in glucose and fructose.

A peristaltic pump transports the reactant (saccharose solution) into bottom of the reactor from a tank. The catalyst takes the form of a fixed bed in the reactor. The saccharose solution flows through the fixed bed. In the process, saccharose is decomposed into glucose and fructose. The catalyst accelerates the reaction and so increases the yield of the product (glucose/fructose mixture). The product is collected in a tank.

Three reactors allow various catalyses to be compared. The chemical catalyst used is exchanger resin. The recommended biological catalyst is the enzyme invertase. A regulated heating water circuit additionally permits analysis of the influence of temperature on the reaction.

Technical Specifications

1. Investigation of catalytic reactions
2. 3 reactors (PMMA) for comparison of various fixed bed catalysis
3. Peristaltic pump with adjustable speed to transport the reactant into the reactors
4. Regulated heating circuit with water tank, heater and pump to regulate the reactor temperatures
5. 1 scaled container for reactant and product respectively
6. Photometer for analysis of the product
7. Optional software for data acquisition via USB under Windows
8. ‘Flow injection analysis’ optionally available as accessory

Technical Specifications
– diameter: approx. 10mm
– height: approx. 120mm
Peristaltic pump

– max. flow rate: approx. 28mL/min
Heating circuit pump
– max. flow rate: 10L/min
– max. head: 30m
– power consumption: 120W
Heating circuit
– tank: approx. 7500mL
– heater: approx. 1kW
Tanks for reactant and product
– capacity: approx. 2000mL
– scale division: 50mL
– material: PP
Photometer wavelength: 610nm