Five Axis Robo with Gripper Trainer Model CNC 006

Vertically Articulated Robot Arm

Item Description

Mechanical Structure: Vertically Articulated
Construction Partially open design to enable observation of operation
Degree of freedom 5 rotational axis + gripper
Payload capacity 3 axis waist-shoulder-elbow manipulator with 2 axes
Pitch-Roll 1 Kg

Axis Range

Axis 1: Base rotation 320°
Axis 2: Shoulder rotation 50°
Axis 3: Elbow rotation 50°
Axis 4: Wrist pitch 180°
Axis 5: Wrist roll 140°

Technical Specifications

Maximum Operating Radius – 600mm end of gripper

Homing – Micro switch home on axis
Actuators – DC Stepper motor on all axis
Transmission – Gears, timing belts, ball screw
Safety Features – Hard Stops prevent user damage to Robot
No. of Control Axis – Standard = 5
Safety Features – Hard Stops prevent user damage to Robot
No. of Control Axis – Standard = 5
Axis Drivers – Stepper Motor drives, Half Step

Path control – Point to point; continuous path; joint; linear; 10ms response

Velocity control profile – Time
Speed control – Speed settings defined as a percentage of range or by travel time

Sensors – Positive and Negative proximity end limit sensors Proximity home sensors
Power requirements – 220V, 50Hz AC; 15A max, Earthing to be provided with earth to neutral voltage 2V max.

Control – PC based control with serial communication port. (PC not in scope of supply)

Programming Co-ordinate systems – ‘Sci-tech-Hytech’ windows based software. XYZ co-ordinates, Joint co-ordinates with angular co-ordinates

Position recording – Absolute, Relative, Cartesian, Joint (by software or teach pendant)

LED indicators – Mains Power, inputs, outputs, motor, power, emergency.

Safety features – Axis power Front panel: emergency switch; motor power On all axis; adjustable current limit.

Connectors –

Automatic fuse
Front panel: inputs, outputs, user power supply
Rear panel: axis