Distance Pieces SCTC-4630, SCTC-4631, SCTC-4633, SCTC-4634, SCTC-4636, SCTC-4638 & SCTC-4639

SCTC-4630 : Distance Pieces, Ø 165×15 mm

SCTC-4631 : Distance Pieces, Ø 165×30 mm

SCTC-4633 : Distance Pieces, Ø 165x5o mm

SCTC-4634 : Distance Pieces, Ø 165×90 mm

SCTC-4636 : Distance Pieces, Ø 205×30 mm

SCTC-4638 : Distance Pieces, Ø 205×50 mm

SCTC-4639 : Distance Pieces, Ø 205×90 mm

Item Description


EN 12390-3, 12390-4; BS 1881; ASTM C39

Distance pieces are used to reduce the amount of vertical clearance between the upper platen and the lower platen. 2000 kN , 3000 kN and 4000 kN machines are supplied with 205 mm dia. distance pieces and 600 kN and 1500 kN machines are supplied with 165 mm dia. distance pieces to lower the minimum distance between upper and lower platens down to required height.

Big size distance pieces are equipped with handles.


All frames have a single acting up stroking ram. The diameter of the piston is designed to work with the load capacity.

The maximum ram movement is 50 mm. The pressure transducer is used for load measurements.  There is a low friction coaxial PTFE seal between the cylinder and the piston fitted to the cylinder.