Aesthetically designed injection moulded electronic desk (Master unit) with common experiment resources like Power supplies, Function Generator, switches, indicators, DPM etc. while the slot will carry replaceable expt. Panels 4 mm sockets in a arranged on a grid of 19 x19mm to receive plug in components

Item Description

  • Optionally computer assisted Training through use of Lab view® based executables supported by variety of
    virtual instrumentation like toggle switches, leds etc.
  • Emphasis on troubleshooting skills through fault switches.
  • Replaceable panel connects to computer I/F on master unit through 64 pin (Euro connector)
  • Set of Users Guide provided with each trainer

Technical Specifications

Power Supply:

DC Supply – +5V / 1A. & ±12V, 500mA
3 to 18V DC (Variable)/ 1A (Isolated) -2 nos. With short ckt & overload protection.
Both kept isolated to facilitate either 3 to 36V or +18Vpower supplies etc.

AC Supply – 12-0-12V AC, 150mA. Short circuit protected

Function Generator

Waveform – Sine, Triangle & TTL O/Ps

Frequency – 1 Hz to 1MHz in 6 ranges, with amplitude & frequency control pots.

Voltage & current – 15V p-p max. (Sin / TRG) open ckt. (7.5Vpp into 50 ohm termination)

3-Phase voltage Generator – 6Vrms/50Hz,/120 degree phase shifted 3 O/ps, max 10mA loading

Logic input switches & status Indicators – Bi-Colour buffered LED status indicators 8X2 nos for High/Low indication. Input Data Switches (Slide switches x 8nos.)

Computer Interface –

Digital – I/O Using parallel port or optional USB port (through converter supplied)8 I/p, 8 O/P, 8
Bidirectional I/O Lines (TTL), opto isolated Adaptor to prevent damage to pc
Analog  – I/P 2nos. of +9V ADC channels 2nos. of 0-2.5V ADC channels, Max BW-1KHz
Analog  – O/P O/p 0-10V max (optionally 0-2.5V), max. load 10 mA

Pulsar switches (2no.) – with four debounced outputs (TTL), A, A, B, B
Logic probe – to detect High/Low, level TTL pulses upto 1MHz, with bi-colour LEDs to indicate status.
7 segment display – 2-digit red led 7 segment with built in BCD to 7 segment decoder(TTL)
Onboard DPM (1no.) – provided with mode/range selection, DC volt – 2V/20V & DC current – 2mA/200mA
Mic Pre- Amplifier (optional) – Dynamic mic with preamplifier

Mechanical Dimensions:
(A) Master Unit : 460mm(W), 160mm(H),
Net weight: 9 Kg. Gross Wt: 11 Kg.
(B) Panel: 439mm x 209mm
L/S Amplifier & speaker (optional) –
Amplifier gain 20, With volume control8ohm, 0.5W, Mounted on hind Plate
Onboard POTS – 1K,1M (Optional in place of counter module)
Fault Switches – 14 nos. of gnd referred fault switches
hidden under replaceable expt. panel on pcb carrying Euro connectors
Accessories – 1) Parallel Port 25pin cable.
2) USB I/O module (optional) with type A to mini B cable
3) Virtual Lab CD
Operating Voltage – 220/240Vac switch settable +/- 10%, 50Hz/80VA