Digital Bond Strength /Pull-off Tester SCTC-3250

SCTC-3250 : Digital Bond Strength /Pull-off Tester

Item Description


EN 1015-12, 1348, 1542, 12616-2, 13963, 14496

16 kN measurement capacity apparatus is used for determining of bond/pull-off strenght of repair mortar, hardened rendering, plastering, etc.

The apparatus is basically a dynamometer fitted with a load cell and high resolution digital display unit. The direct tensile force is applied by rotating the hand wheel.

  • Portable equipment for use in any location
  • High resolution digital display unit
  • Graphic indication of applied load rate
  • Serial port for PC connection
  • Battery operated, complete with AC adapter
  • Indicator of ram position allowing an estimation of the brittle properties of the test sample
  • Supplied complete with traceable calibration certificate Supplied complete with carrying case. Each  one of the accessories given below should be ordered separately.
SCTC-3254 Drill bit with centering point to obtain, 50 mm dia. test surface
SCTC-3256 Drill bit with centering point to obtain, 20 mm dia. test surface
SCTC-3257 Metal ring (dinking die), 50 mm int. dia, 25 mm high, for fresh plaster, to EN 1015-12
SCTC-3258 Aluminium Test Disc, 50 mm dia
SCTC-3260 Aluminium Test Disc, 20 mm dia.
SCTC-3262 Test square plate, aluminium, 50x50mm, conforming to EN 1348
SCTC-3264 Serial Cable for PC connection
SCTC-3266 Stainless steel test disc 50mm dia. x 20mm thickness. (conforming to EN 1015-12)
SCTC-3268 Adhesive Bicomponent. 2x15ml binder and 2x15ml hardener (4 vials)

Technical Specifications

Load capacity

16 kN

Readout unit

Load cell


10 N

Working range

0.25 to 16 kN


better than ± 1%


9 V



340x240x250 mm approx.


5 kg with carrying case, 3.3 kg tester only