Diffusion of Liquids & Gasses Apparatus Model TH 168

– Diffusive mass transport of substances in gases and aqueous solutions
– Application of Fick’s law

Item Description

Diffusion is the microscopic mass transport of particles such as atoms, molecules and ions due to differences in concentrations. It plays an important role in numerous processes. For example, diffusion can bring together the reactants in chemical reactions and, in some cases, it can be the rate-limiting step for the process.
Sci-tech Diffusion of Liquids & Gasses Apparatus Model TH 168 is equipped with two experimental units for investigating diffusion in liquids and gases. To investigate diffusion in liquids, a concentrated salt solution is used. The solution is contained in a U-tube, one end of which has a disc with several vertical capillaries. The U-tube is immersed into a tank containing de-mineralized water so that the disc with the capillaries is positioned below the surface of the water. The concentration gradient between water and the solution causes the salt ions to move out of the U-tube through the capillaries into the de-mineralized water. The capillaries ensure that the ions move in one dimension. A stirrer in the tank prevents the salt concentration increasing near to the disc, thus preventing concentration differences in the tank. A conductivity meter measures the salt concentration in the tank.

Technical Specifications

1. Investigation of diffusion in liquids and gases
2. Transparent tank with magnetic stirrer, conductivity meter and U-tube with capillaries for investigating diffusion in aqueous solutions
3. Evaporation of a highly volatile solvent with a diffusion tube in a heated water bath for investigating diffusion in gases
4. Removal of gaseous solvent at the upper end of the diffusion tube with a fan
5. Heater with controller and sensor for adjusting the temperature in the water bath
6. Height-adjustable microscope for monitoring and determining the solvent volume in the diffusion tube
7. Separate display and control unit contains temperature controller and fan

Technical Specifications
Tank with stirrer: approx. 1500mL

Speed stirrer: 0…1500min-1

253 capillaries made of stainless steel

– diameter: 1mm, length: 5mm
Water bath: approx. 2L

Diffusion tube for solvent
– diameter: 3,4mm, length: 85mm
Power output heater: approx. 150W

Fan: 120…320L/h

Microscope scale division: 0,1mm

Measuring ranges
– temperature: 0…100°C
– conductivity: 0…200mS/cm