Data Acquisition Card Model PCT 011

USB2813 AD DI DA DO counter Data Acquisition , analog input Single-ended 16-CH or differential 8-CH 12-bit 100K;analog output 4-CH 12-bit ;digital 8-CH DI、8-CH DO ;Counter 3-CH

Item Description

AD Analog Input function

◆ converter type: ADS774JP

◆Input Range: ± 10V, ± 5V, 0 ~ 10V

◆ Conversion Accuracy: 12 (Bit)

◆ Sample Rate: the highest rate of 100KHz

◆ sampling channel: software-selectable, by setting the first channel to achieve the end (Last Channel – First Channel + 1)

◆ physical channel: 16 channels (single-port SE), 8 channel (double-port DI)

◆ channel switching mode: the first and the end channel switching in proper order (software trigger switch, only the issue of reading the data when they switch the order)

◆ Analog Input mode: single-ended analog input and dual-ended analog input (also known as two-terminal differential input) ◆ amplifier type: INA128P

◆ amplifier gain G and the resistance of computing RG1 relationship: G = 1 + 50KΩ / RG1 Notes: amplifier gain and resistor RG1 correspondence as shown in table 1.

◆ Analog input impedance: > 100MΩ

◆ System measurement accuracy: 0.1%

Technical Specifications

DA analog output function

◆ Converter: DAC7625

◆ output range: 0 ~ 5V, 0 ~ 10V, ± 5V, ± 10V

◆ Conversion Accuracy: 12

◆ output rate: 100KHz (10us / points)

◆ set-up time: 10μS (0.012% accuracy)

◆ Number of output channels: 4-way

◆ Non-linear error: ± 2LIB (maximum)

◆ output error (full range): ± 1L

DI Digital Input Function

◆ latch: 74LS245

◆ Number of channels: 8

◆ Electrical standards: TTL compatible

◆ maximum absorption current: less than 0.5 milli-amperes

◆ high minimum voltage: 2V

◆ low maximum voltage: 0.8V DO Digital output function

◆ drive: 74ALS273

◆ Number of channels: 8

◆ Electrical standards: TTL compatible

◆ the largest pull-pull-down current: the pull-down current of 20mA, pull current 2.6 mA

◆ high minimum voltage: 3.4V

◆ low maximum voltage: 0.5V Timer / counter 8254

◆ counter channel number: the three independent subtraction counter

◆ counter median: 16Bit

◆ operation type (Operate Type): four types of software to operate the optional

◆ counting methods (Count-Mode): count the way the six software selectable

◆ Count-Type: binary code BCD counting and counting

◆ input electrical standards (CLKn, GATEn): the highest voltage for low 0.8V, the minimum high voltage of 2.2V

◆ output electrical standards (OUTn): the highest voltage for low 0.4V, the minimum high voltage of 3.0V