Critical Speed Investigation Apparatus & Accessories Model MT 021

Sci-tech Critical Speed Investigation Apparatus Model 021 experimental unit teaches knowledge about how
to determine the critical speeds. Illustrative experiments are used to explain resonance and supercritical or
subcritical states of a vibrating system.

Item Description

* Investigation of bending vibrations in rotors1
* Determining critical speeds1
* Position of rotor mount and rotating mass can be adjusted1
* Optimal visibility and simultaneous protection thanks to transparent protective cover

Technical Specifications

[1] investigation of bending vibrations and resonance of a rotating system
[2] two self-aligning ball bearings moveable to any point as the rotor shaft mount
[3] two masses that can be fixed at any point
[4] safety bearing and transparent protective cover for safe operation
[5] two pre-selectable speed ranges, speed electronically regulated and infinitely adjustable
[6] digital speed indicator
[7] two options for data acquisition: either vibration sensors with supply unit for connection to an oscilloscope or
data acquisition system including software and sensors

Three-phase motor
– power 0,25kW
– max. speed 3000min-1
Rotor shaft
– L=500mm
– D=6mm
– hardened steel
2x mass, disc-shaped
– m=965g
– D=80mm
– hardened steel
Shaft mount

– 2x self-aligning ball bearings
– 2x safety bearings
Measuring ranges
– speed: 300…3000min-1
– scale for measuring distance: 0…500mm