Cooling Tower Model TH-038

– Designed to demonstrate operation forced draught cooling tower & investigate its performance.
– Comprehensive Instrumentation Panel with all necessary measuring instruments.
– Optional Real time Data Acquisition System with graphical display.
– Optional Multi-media Inter-active learning software: SCI-CALS

Item Description

Sci-tech Water Cooling Tower Model TH-038 has been designed to allow engineering students to get familiarized with all the processes related to industrial force draught cooling tower. The basic unit can be used with other columns to further assist students in the study Refrigeration & Air conditioning, Heat & Mass Transfer.

It consists of a Packed cooling tower with blower fan at bottom. Hot water is sprayed at the top & cold water is collected at bottom of tower. Air is forced from bottom of the tower & leaves from the top. A hot water tank generates hot water & a pump supplies this hot water to the cooling tower. Measuring Instruments are included to measure temperature of water & air at different points, Flow rate of water & air. All the sensors are connected to the Data Acquisition System & the acquired data is processed by the software. The software displays the data & results are shown in tabular format.

Detailed Operation & Maintenance Manual is provided along with the trainer.

Technical Specifications

– Stainless steel structure, table-top dimensions
– Cooling Tower: Height 600mm transparent cooling tower of Plexigas, with demister
– Centrifugal fan for cooling
– Stainless steel tank for hot water: 10 liters capacity, including 3 electrical heaters (500 W)
– Reserve: Plexigas tank for water, 1 liter capacity.
– Water pump: max. flow 3m³lh, max height 5 m H₂O approx
– Instrument:
– 6 digital LCD thermometers (2 for dry bulb, 2 for wet bulb, 1 for the water input and 1 for the output water)
– Calibrated orifice flow-meter range 20-200 I/h approx.,
– Inclined manometer 0-60 mm H₂O approx,
– Digital thermostat
– 3 packings/Cooling Towers available, with different surfaces
– Data Acquisition System & the acquired data is processed by the software (optional)
– SCI-CALS: Computer aided learning software: Interactive multi-media simulation/Graphic Simulation/Pictorial Flow animation/Functional detailed Experiments/Audi-visual explanations.
– Electrical control panel, IP55 protection grade with electrical diagram under CE standards, including contactors, ELCB, start/stop pushbuttons, indicating lamps, fan controls etc.