Cooling Tower Model Model TH-038M

– Designed to demonstrate operation forced draught cooling tower & investigate its performance.
– Comprehensive Instrumentation Panel with all necessary measuring instruments & safety devices.
– Additional Optional columns with different packing density.

Item Description

Scitech Educational Cooling Tower Model TH-038M has been designed to allow engineering students to get familiarized with all the processes related to industrial force draught cooling tower. The basic unit can be used with other columns to further assist students in the study Refrigeration & Air conditioning, Heat & Mass Transfer.

It consists of a packed cooling tower with blower fan at bottom. Hot water is sprayed at the top & cold water is collected at bottom of tower. Air is forced from bottom of the tower & leaves from the top. A hot water tank generates hot water & a pump supplies this hot water to the cooling tower. Measuring Instruments are included to measure temperature of water & air at different points, Flow rate of water & air.

Detailed Operation & Maintenance Manual is provided along with the trainer.

Technical Specifications

* Base Unit:
– Hot Water Tank: Made in Stainless Steel, fitted with 1.5 kW Electric Heaters with Controller.
– Stirrer for maintaining uniform temperature inside the hot water tank.
– Make up tank: 5 Ltrs.
– Pump for water circulation.
* Column: Transparent Packed column with plastic packing, water distribution unit and pressure tapings. Dimension: 159 mm x 150 mm x 609 mm (H).
* Column Cap: Made of transparent PVC with sharp edge orifice, mist eliminator and water distributor.
* Digital Instruments:
– Temperature Sensors: RTD PT-100 Sensors – 8 Nos.

– Water Flow Meter: Turbine Type Flow meter
– Digital Flow Indicator
– Digital Temperature Controller for Hot water

– Inclined tube Manometer for Air Flow measurement
– Combined temperature & humidity sensor with digital indicator.

* Additional Columns (Optional) with different packing density.
* Optional real time Data Acquisition System with Windows based software & Data Acquisition Device.