Concrete Mortar Penetrometer SCTC-0700, SCTC-0701, SCTC-0705, SCTC-0706 & SCTC-0707

SCTC-0700 : Concrete Mortar Penetrometer with Pound Reading Scale

SCTC-0701 : Concrete Mortar Penetrometer with Newton Reading Scale

SCTC-0705 : Needle Set For Concrete Mortar Penetrometer

SCTC-0706 :  Penetration Needle, Ø 3mm, for SCTC-0701

SCTC-0707 : Penetration Needle, Ø 9mm, for SCTC-0701

Item Description



The SCTC-0700 and SCTC-0701 Concrete Mortar Penetrometers are used for the determination of setting time of the mortar fraction of fresh concrete. The apparatus consist of a spring loading device. SCTC-0700 is graduated from 10 to 150 lbf in 2 lbf divisions. SCTC-0701 is graduated from 40 to 600 N in 10 N divisions. A sliding ring indicates the load reached.

The Concrete Mortar Penetrometers are supplied complete with;

  • Set of interchangeable needle points of 645, 323, 161, 65, 32, 16 mm² area
  • A steel adaptor for needles
  • Carrying case


Technical Specifications


540x260x60 mm (packed)

Weight (approx.)

5 kg