Concrete Mixer with Double Rotation SCTC-0742

SCTC-0742: Concrete Mixer with Double Acting, Frequency Controlled, Pan Type, 42 L

Models for 220-240V 50-60 Hz, 1ph. : SCTC-0742

Models for 110-120V 60 Hz, 1ph. : SCTC-0742-N

Item Description


TS EN 1766

To find out the effects of the different type constituents on the concrete properties requires the preparation of numerous and smaller volume of concrete batches in the laboratory. Double Acting SCTC-0742 Concrete Mixer is designed for this purpose.

Dimensional volume of the mixing pan is 42 liters and the effective mixing capacity is 15/12 liters. The difference of SCTC-0742 from conventional mixers  is its ability of mixing small volume of mixtures with the help of the second engine which rotates the stirring beater in the opposite direction of the mixing pan’s rotation direction with high performance.

And also turning speed of the pan of SCTC-0742 can be adjusted by a frequency controller.

The shutter of the mixer is designed to open 120 degrees for easy access to the pan and keeps the beater in a certain height during mixing. There is a small observation window on the shutter which enables the user to monitor the process.

The mixing pan can be tilted to empty the mixture without hassle and it can be removed for easy cleaning on completion of the mixing operation. SCTC-0742 is equipped with rubber wheels which provide high mobility.

All parts of the mixer is galvanized or painted with non-corrosive paint. The protection class of SCTC-0742 is IP55.


Technical Specifications

Dimensions : 650x900x1200 mm

Weight (approx.): 230 kg

Power: 2600 W