Concentric Heat Exchanger Model TH 053

– Parallel & Counter flow configurations can be studied in same unit using valves.
– Requires only cold water supply for experimentation.
– Data Acquisition System with sensors & software included.

Item Description

Sci-tech Concentric Heat Exchanger Model TH 053 consists of a concentric tube exchanger in the form of “U”, mounted on a support frame. The external surface of the exchanger is insulated. Six temperature sensors are installed in both the inlet and outlet tubes, to measure the fluid temperatures accurately. To minimize losses in the system, the hot water is fed through the inner pipe, with the cooling water in the outer annulus. Control valves are incorporated in each of the two streams to regulate the flow. The flow rates are measured using independent flow meters installed in each line.

Technical Specifications

  • Heat Exchanger: Max. working pressure : 7 bar Max. working temperature : 80 oC
  • Heater : 3 kW, immersion type
  • Temperature Controller: Input : RTD or T/C Output : ON/OFF
  • Circulation Pump: Capacity : 10 LPM @ 2m Voltage : 230 VAC
  • Sump Tank: Material : stainless steel, Capacity : 30 L
  • Rotameters: 0.2 – 3.0 LPM, 0.5 – 5.0 LPM
  • Instrumentations: Temperature sensors, Flowmeter
    – 2 units of digital indicators
    – 1 unit of flowmeter
    – 1 unit of RTD sensors c/w transmitter
    – An electronic signal conditioning system Stand-alone data acquisition modules Windows based data acquisition software Data Logging
    – Process Control
    – Real-Time Display