Comparison of Rectification Columns Model TH 178

– Continuous rectification
– Packed column and sieve tray column
– Supply of process heat in the form of steam
– Control with PLC via touch panel
– More than 40 measured quantities and 12 control loops

Item Description

The rectification columns are used for the separation of liquid phases. They operate according to the principle of distillation. Distillation is a separation process that includes the partial evaporation of a liquid phase and the condensation of the resulting gas phase. The separation process of rectification is an energy-efficient distillation process with several stages. The substance mix recommended for the operation of the experimental plant is water-ethanol.
Sci-tech Comparison of Rectification Columns Model TH 178 experimental plant is designed for the continuous operation of one rectification column at a time. The rectification columns are a packed column with pall rings and a sieve tray column with ten trays.
You can adjust various process parameter for the investigation of the rectification columns. These include, for example, the reflux ratio and the temperature measuring point for the temperature control. The effects of the changes are determined by means of the proportion of ethanol in the products (gravimetric measurement) thus also determining the separating capacity. For the evaluation of the experiments the software can be used to determine the theoretical separation steps.

Technical Specifications

– Continuous rectification with packed column or sieve tray column
– Variable reflux ratio
– Packed column with pall rings with 10 feed levels and temperature measurement
– Sieve tray column with 10 trays; each tray with feed and temperature measurement
– Tanks for feed, bottom and top product made of DURAN glass and stainless steel
– Operation at up to 115°C and 1,5bar
– Recording of all relevant variables with more than 40 sensors
– PLC with touch panel for control of the plant
– Sci-tech software for data acquisition via USB under Windows 7, 8.1, 10